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How to Get a Refund for AT&T Mobile Cramming


Wireless carrier AT&T has agreed to pay $105 million dollars to settle accusations that they have been “mobile cramming” since 2009.

Mobile cramming is often unnoticed by consumers, and occurs when companies charge customers additional money for services they have not asked for, such as…

Well… good job AT&T - as they say - you got caught red handed!


Meet Garfi, The Angriest Cat On The Internet

Compared to the murderous feline below, Grumpy Cat looks downright civil.

For more photos of this angry kitty go here. 

This cat might be angry…but it’s the best thing on the internet today!

keep on tryin’

keep on tryin’

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take me to California 

take me to California 

Sia - Perfume 

loves it! 

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‘Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas’ - Or the Worst Magazine Headline Ever


In the midst of the Ebola crisis looming in Dallas with at least one person fighting for his life, The Dallas Weekly magazine decided that it would be a terrific idea to publish an article titled ‘Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas.’ Oh my!


There is nothing funny about a health crisis, however, when a magazine publishes something so outrageous such as ‘Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas’ - you got to pause and wonder what was that editorial team thinking during their brainstorming meeting?


If their goal was to get more publicity attention, they sure succeeded. But still, ‘Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas’ - so not OK.

via Daily Mail 

Possibly the cutest photo you will see today? 

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Three People Dead After Shooting in Alabama UPS


Three people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a UPS facility in Alabama. The gunman was wearing a UPS uniform.


According to Police spokesperson Lt. Sean Edwards the shooter was a UPS employee. The authorities are still investing a possible motive for the shooting.


The gunman was among one of the three dead people.


Keep checking this post for UPDATES.


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